Blood of

the Earth

Directed by

Tiago Carvalho

Arthur Frazão

Produced by

João Roni Garcia and Nuno Godolphim

TV Series 6 episodes 52'


The impulse for developing the country creates a lot of conflict in Brazil. Extinguished ecosystems, depleted natural resources, relocated communities, vanishing ways of life, people who are murdered. Violence.

On one side, there is the agribusiness, which is highly dependent on toxic chemicals and the intensive exploration of the land and the water; the construction of big hydroelectric dams; the mining projects. With the consent of the government, these players are developing their influence on areas they call "sacrificial zones".  On the other side, there are those who are being sacrificed, in different ecosystems, but always the same populations: native people, communities who live by the rivers, family agriculturists, quilombolas.

Big infrastructure developments, mining in large scale and the agribusiness are nowadays reaching the limit of their expansion. The areas that were chosen to be sacrificed are being fiercely defended by the communities who occupied those same zones historically.

BLOOD OF THE EARTH is a documentary series with six 52-minute episodes. We went to the most dangerous areas of the country where that conflict in is full force. Every episode we will get inside an environmental conflict, through the eyes of the characters. We register the environmental conflicts and their consequences to these communities and the surrounding ecosystem. At the same time, we bring a cinematographic reflection about this particular moment in the Brazilian history, when the earth bleeds because of unbridled development.


Production Countries: Brazil.

All rights reserved 2019

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