Los Fantasmas del Caribe

Directed by

Felipe Monroy

Produced by

Adok Films - Jose Michel Buhler - Emilie Moor

Duration: Unit 79'   Genre: Documental


Felipe Monroy, a Colombian director based in Geneva, continues his work on the memory of his country with this new film, Los Fantasmas Del Caribe. Back in Bogota after many years of absence, he undertakes to revisit the past of his family, marked by a violence, that echoes en entire nation. Thus, while the peace process then engaged between the FARC ant the government may be about to turn the page of more than 50 tears of war, the director begins his own reconciliation effort, whose film is both the instrument and the result.​

What    to    do    with    badly  closed    wounds?  And what place can cinema take in the perilous exercise of forgiveness ? It is as a son, brother, Colombian and filmmaker that Felipe Monroy tackles  these questions and this is the beauty of the film, which manages to look right into the eyes of the ghosts of the past, the contradictory feelings it arouses in its author and invites us to share.


Production Countries: Switzerland, France, Colombia.

All rights reserved 2019

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