Legítima Defensa

Directed by

Susanna Lira

Produced by

Mera Semelhança and Ocean Films

Duration: Unit 78'   Genre: Documental


In Brazil, every two minutes about five women are beaten up and seven loose their lives through the hands of their family members, partners or former partners, on a daily basis. “Self-defense” tells the story of tree women who, in a painful way, almost step into this statistic: they killed the man they loved not to die. “It was me or him,” says Ursula and Daiane. Accused of murder, they had to face the judgment of justice, society, and their own as they tried to rebuild their lives. The documentary also follows the jury trial of Maria, who after suffering sexual assault and physical violence from her partner, decided to end up the cycle of aggression the only way she thought it was possible. In the course of the film, the jurors - and the public - are placed before the question: “what is the limit for a human being in this situation? We have the law and justice. In this case, what is fair?“


Production Countries: Brazil.

All rights reserved 2019

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