Killing God

Matar a Dios

Directed by

Caye Casas

Albert Pintó

Produced by

Alhena Production

Duration: 93 min 

Genre: Black comedy




A family is preparing to celebrate the end of the year in an isolated house in the middle of the forest. Suddenly a mysterious vagabond breaks into the house, is a dwarf and claims to be God. The vagabond threatens to exterminate the human species at dawn; Only two people will be saved and they have been chosen to choose those two only survivors. Now the fate of humanity falls on four unfortunates.



Killing God has been selected in the most prestigious fantasy film festivals in the world, getting 12 awards, such as the public prize at the 50th Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival or a nomination at the legendary 'PIFF' festival in Brussels for best European film of the year.

Production Countries: Spain

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